We developed a service, called Reflexivity, that provides community members with a way to be heard by the resource companies that work alongside them. It also helps companies understand what their communities think about them and why, providing clear opportunities for building greater trust in those relationships.

The challenge

Losing trust with communities

Building trust is not always easy, and once lost, it becomes even harder to regain. This is especially true for resource companies and the communities they work alongside who understand that with trust comes acceptance.

When companies lose the trust of the communities they work alongside, conflict can occur. In general, it’s hard for companies to systematically understand the complex sets of issues and concerns held by diverse communities, and communities have few constructive ways to feel heard.

Our response

Understanding trust through community survey data

Our solution, called Reflexivity, solves this problem by providing a sophisticated data research that translates community survey data into a language that companies can engage with and respond to. Our analytics identify the factors that build and reduce trust in a company, in the minds of community members. Companies are then able to invest resources and energy into the issues that matter most.

Reflexivity gives communities a voice.

We have engaged over 16,000 community members in nine countries in the last three years. While we work largely in mining, we have also worked in gas, waste management, renewable energy and fertiliser manufacturing – our process is valuable wherever these relationships are important.

Reflexivity goes beyond a simple summary of community insights. It builds upon knowledge gained from Australian and global communities through thousands of CSIRO research hours over the past decade. It provides a foundation for a company and community to understand how the impacts and benefits of mining and infrastructure, and the relationship between industry, government and society, affect the 'social licence to operate'.

Reflexivity for the Pilbara community

Rio Tinto has engaged us to implement an ongoing evidence-based approach to engagement with the local Pilbara community using Reflexivity. The engagement will involve the collection of community attitude data over time using surveys.

Pilbara community members seeking to stay up-to-date on this project are encouraged to complete the online form .

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