Mineral exploration through deep weathered and transported cover is becoming one of the fundamental challenges for the exploration industry in this century.

The challenge

Discovering minerals under deep surface cover

We are helping exploration and discovery of new mineral deposits

Nearly 80 per cent of Australia’s land mass is cover by a deeply weathered cover of rock and transported sediments, referred to as regolith.

This makes it difficult for mineral explorers to read the landscape, looking for tell-tale ‘footprints’ or surface features which may indicate the presence of mineral systems beneath.

These environments are widespread across many continents, and have been largely overlooked for mineral exploration due the risk and cost associated with their exploration.

Understanding processes of weathering and how various landscape has evolved over time, will help mineral explorers interpret greenfield data to pinpoint new exploration targets.

Our response

Expertise and partnerships to undercover new exploration targets

We are unleashing out multidisciplinary expertise in geology, minerology, geophysics and geochemistry to collectively acquire a more complete picture of the cover architecture and variability.

We deploy a wide diversity of methodologies to acquire convergent data to produce detailed surveys.

This not only provides resources for investors in mineral exploration but also enhances our knowledge of mineral systems and how their footprint can be detected under different geological contexts.

To tackle this significant challenge, we’re working with partners from government, universities and industry to enhance our knowledge of Australia’s vast greenfield potential.

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