We're developing new sensor-based technologies to detect and analyse minerals in the exploration field and direct from the drill site, providing real-time data availability to inform exploration decisions.

The challenge

Traditional laboratory analysis of drill core or chips can take weeks to turnaround

In exploration, sampling the earth through drilling is a major expense costing approximately $200 to $300 per metre of drillcore.

Exploration drill in the field

Drilling is an essential part of exploration that is being made much more efficient through new sensor technologies.

Analyses have also traditionally been done in a laboratory, adding potentially weeks to turnaround results. 

New sensor and analysis technologies offer an opportunity collect real-time data and conduct analyses in the field or at the drill site.

Developing these technologies are needed to improve drilling efficiency, reduce costs and advance exploration in Australia's covered terrain.

Our response

New sensor and analysis technologies for real-time decision-making in the field

With our collaborators in the research sector, we are developing new sensors and detection technologies that provide valuable data in the field, in real time to help explorers target their programs.

We're developing new sensor technologies based on x-ray fluorescence, x-ray diffraction and laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy.

This includes new drilling sensors that are providing data on minerals in real time direct from a drillhole, enabling companies to make rapid decisions in the field and explore more cost-effectively.

We've also improved portable or hand-held sensors to expand the range of mineral commodities they can be used to detect in the field.

We combine sensors with data analysis software or methodologies to interpret results into readily-accessible format for explorers.

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