We help companies explore viable processing options to unlock and increase the recovery of base, precious and light metals from difficult ores.

The challenge

Low grade and complex ores

Australia is a world leading producer of mineral resources, with abundant reserves of key commodities such as iron ore, mineral sands, alumina/bauxite, gold, manganese and zinc.

A mineral ore is classified from low to high grade depending on the amount of valuable mineral or metal it contains within the rock. Mineral ores are also heterogeneous – in other words, diverse in their character and content.

No two ores are exactly the same, and as such, different processing technologies are needed to recover the valuable metal in a way that’s viable and cost-competitive for companies.

As Australia’s high-grade ore reserves near-to-the-surface deplete, industry is turning to produce lower grade or more complex ores. New processes and technologies are increasingly needed to obtain the best from these ores, for example:

  • to deal with lower quality feedstocks for metal production,
  • to selectively remove impurities
  • extracts ores safely without highly toxic chemical use
  • to cost-effectively process types of ores previously not viable.

Our response

Developing viable processing options

We’re reducing processing costs with new energy and water efficient technologies to help maintain existing mineral processing operations, while enabling new ore production.

Our aim is to help the global minerals processing industry increase productivity, lower health and safety risks and reduce costs.

We draw on expertise in process chemistry and metallurgy, process mechanics and engineering, materials characterisation, and alternative process development.


We can characterise ores using a range of advanced equipment and expertise to better understand the makeup of an orebody. A detailed understanding can open up opportunities to improve processes including recovery.


Our beneficiation expertise is helping companies effectively remove gangue components and cope with changing ore blends, while minimising loss of valuable units.

Roasting to maximise recovery

Some mineral ores may be difficult to leach and feeds require roasting to expose the valuable mineral. We can optimise roasting conditions and concentrate minerals to maximise the ability to leach.

Leaching technologies

We have developed alternative chemical leach systems, applications of reductive leaching processes and new leaching technologies. We have a broad range of atmospheric and high pressure leaching equipment to evaluate both biological and chemical leaching processes.

Solvent extraction  

We offer expertise from reagent selection to fully continuous piloting design and operation for individual feed solutions from a host of different operations.

We help companies overcome challenging extraction and separation issues, so that greater mineral recoveries can be achieved. We work with companies to develop and optimise SX systems based on a combinations of commercially available reagents.

Piloting and scale up

We have worked collaboratively with companies such as Direct Nickel and TNG to develop highly prospective, novel flowsheets for processing complex mineral resources. These have been successfully piloted at the Australian Minerals Research Centre in Perth.

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