Our researchers have incorporated two separate methods for measuring froth depth in a minerals processing flotation unit into a single device, allowing for greater accuracy and control.

The challenge

Importance of froth depth

The level of froth depth in a flotation system is proportional to the amount of valuable minerals recovered.

That’s why monitoring and controlling froth depth and avoiding material collapse is crucial to the plants productivity.

New measurement tools are needed to enable companies to accurately measure froth depth and maximise mineral recoveries.

Our response

Incorporating two methods together

Our researchers recently developed a system that provides more accurate detection of the froth depth in flotation units.

The new system incorporates two separate methods into a single device to provide greater accuracy in the results and negate the inconsistencies present within the individual methods.

The system measures resistivity, using a CSIRO-designed probe that is capable of detecting interfaces by the nature of their properties, as well as detecting the amount of movement inside a flotation vessel.

The device has specially designed circuitry to detect the motion of the froth and the pulp based on their inherent properties.

The device also utilises specially designed electrical circuitry to discern the amount of gas built up inside the flotation unit, which is important in controlling and monitoring the flotation recovery process.

The results

Greater understanding of the conditions inside floatation units

The device allows a greater insight into the conditions inside a floatation unit, which will allow for greater optimisation of the process and recovery of precious minerals.

The froth depth and gas concentration measurements provide operators with insight into the quantity of valuable mineral recovered, as well as the option to control the process and take recovery actions in case of abnormality.

This allows companies to increase their productivity, because they are able to achieve stable recoveries and detect process upsets, with varying mine feed material.

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