Resourceful magazine brings you the latest in innovation, technology and research from across the minerals value chain, from mineral exploration to mining and metal production.

Resourceful, Issue 22, Future innovations for new jobs and industries

Future innovations for new jobs and industries in the resources sector

Resourceful, Issue 21: Resources for global technology

Positioning Australia's mineral resources to drive new technologies, innovation and global electrification

Resourceful, Issue 20: Decoding digital in mining

Digital innovations to make mining safer, more sustainable and productive

Resourceful Issue 19: Safer mines

Maximising value from resources in a safer and more environmentally‑responsible way

Resourceful Issue 18: Orebody knowledge

In-depth and accurate orebody knowledge is driving everything from exploration success to low-waste, precision mining.

resourceful issue 17: Setting the new gold standard

Innovation to better find and produce gold to meet 21st century challenges.

resourceful Issue 16: Regions in focus

Resources innovation supporting better economic, social and environmental outcomes in regional Australia

resourceful Issue 15: Critical metals

Technology meets metal production to disrupt battery and other key metal industries.

resourceful Issue 14: Innovate, improve, grow

Australian innovation is solving today's challenges, while underpinning strategic programs to unlock future value in the mineral resources industry.

resourceful Issue 13: Data mining

In this edition of resourceful we showcase how new sensor and data technologies are driving mining decisions.

resourceful Issue 12: A closer look at the big picture – understanding mineral ore

This edition of resourceful we take a closer look at the big picture, focusing on how rapid resource characterisation delivers productivity across the value chain.

resourceful magazine Issue 11: New depths

This edition of resourceful explores future science to unlock the earth's deep mineral, energy and water resources. Deep Earth Imaging is a new major investment in future science by CSIRO. Read both a national and industry perspective on Deep Earth Imaging, the opportunities for sourcing mineral, energy and groundwater resources, as well as some of CSIRO's other major investments that could benefit the minerals and mining industry.

resourceful magazine Issue 10

Meet Mining 3, the new research collective that's transforming mining

resourceful magazine Issue 9

What lies beneath: uncovering the next generation of mineral wealth

resourceful magazine Issue 8

Above ground mining - towards a circular economy

resourceful magazine Issue 7

In this issue: Ore processing, Rare Earths, Bioleaching and Seafloor Mining.

resourceful magazine Issue 6

In this issue: Intelligent mining, Process productivity and Rapid resource characterisation.

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