A wealth of data and information covering 40 years of resource use in 26 countries of the Asia Pacific has been produced for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to help guide future resource use efficiency and sustainable consumption.

Article from resourceful: Issue 8, November 2015

As the demands of a growing world population put more pressure on finite resources, a good understanding of resource use and resource use efficiency is essential for policy makers looking to map a sustainable future.

To compile such knowledge across 26 nations of Asia Pacific (including Australia), CSIRO and international partners developed and released a comprehensive database, infographics, videos and animations together with the Indicators for a Resource Efficient and Green Asia and the Pacific report.

The report uses 118 indicators to assess natural resource use over the past 40 years, including the way that each Asia Pacific country uses materials, energy and water and generates emissions to fuel their economy.

The report uses 118 indicators to assess natural resource use over the past 40 years.

Resource efficiency indicators are a tool that aids policy makers in making informed decisions to support sustainable consumption and production.

The report presents regional data in an unprecedented way including through the use of more than 120 graphics based on over 120,000 data points.

Infographics released reveal both the patterns and the evolution of natural resource use in the Asia Pacific over the last 40 years. The infographics and video, provided as part of the report toolkit, make the trends of resource use and resource efficiency more ‘visual’ and accessible to readers. Through a web portal anyone can ‘drill’ into the publicly available and country-specific data for any of the 26 nations covered.

The database for the Asia Pacific was developed through a three-year science-based consultative process mandated by countries in the region and coordinated by UNEP, CSIRO and the Asia-Pacific Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption and Production with support from the European Union’s SWITCH-Asia Programme.

To access the report and data visit: UN Environment Green Asia Toolkit .

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