Mining3 Chairman DR LAURIE HAMMOND shares his insight into why industry-led research drives success and the opportunities it opens for mining and METS companies.

Article from resourceful: Issue 10

Portrait of Dr Laurie Hammond, Mining3 Chairman

Dr Laurie Hammond, Mining3 Chairman


Our new strategic partnership, Mining3, will help to transform mining at a critical time for the industry.

The mining industry is deeply aware of the existential challenges it faces – financial, environmental and social – over the next few decades, and recognises that many of these challenges will be met only through sustained innovation. It also recognises that the nature and scale of these challenges are beyond the scope of individual companies and must be addressed through a collaborative working model.

Partnership – between companies, and between companies and research providers – is at the heart of CRCMining’s success, and will characterise the way

Mining3 will work with industry. It ensures that a diversity of views and experience across the industry is brought to bear on important research and innovation questions.

Mining companies, and the major equipment manufacturers working alongside them, will continue to provide direction to Mining3 on their research needs, through a process established with CRCMining in recent years.

The industry identifies its ‘grand challenges’ on 20-year timeframes and then works with our researchers to build eight-year roadmaps for the required technologies – defining a rolling program of research and development.

Such a strategic approach is exemplary, and belies views that the industry has a low commitment to, and propensity for, innovation.

This process results in prioritisation of research opportunities and, through regularly revisiting the roadmaps, a periodic reassessment of those priorities. The result will be that Mining3 stays focused on higher value research questions and on the problems that really matter to the industry.

And, contrary to oft-expressed concerns, this close engagement with researchers does not lead to a focus on short-term, tactical research questions. Rather, the industry has demonstrated its willingness to participate in longer term, more fundamental research that is required to address the grand challenges successfully.

Mining3 is committed to accelerating industry adoption of new technologies.

This is critical because the industry has identified the need to shorten the long innovation adoption cycle – 15 to 20 years for important technologies.

Mining3 represents a new world-class resource for the industry.

Working closely with companies, some of Australia’s best researchers will contribute to solving the sector’s truly wicked problems. It will create a critical mass of scientific and engineering capability that will cement Australia’s global leadership in mining research, technology and innovation, and bring benefits to the industry, in Australia and globally.

Especially, we anticipate that new opportunities will be generated for Australia’s world-leading METS (mining equipment, technology and services) companies.

The formation of Mining3 is a big idea that opens up big opportunities for the industry, CSIRO and CRCMining.

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