We're developing large-scale ore sorting solutions for a range of different metals, including copper, iron, arsenic and gold.

The challenge

Increasing mining productivity

Declining ore grade presents a significant productivity challenge to mining companies.

Bulk sorting of ore by rapidly identifying and sorting high value ore from waste on a conveyor can make low grade ore deposits economically viable.

While some sorting technologies for relatively low tonnage rates have been successful, until now, there have been no effective solutions for large tonnages.

Our response

New improved ore sorting technologies

We're developing a range of bulk ore sorting solutions using different techniques, with applications for different minerals.

For example, we've developed a large-scale ore sorting solution for selected copper, iron and arsenic minerals. This technology offers a step change in productivity, reduces energy and water use and has a very short payback time.

Through CRC ORE, we are developing a bulk ore sorting technology for gold using different technology with high sensitivity for the metal.

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