The Northern Australia Land and Water Science Review 2009 examined a range of options for use of land and water in northern Australia and the likely consequences of those uses for communities, businesses and the environment.


The Land and Water Science Review 2009 presented the best available quantitative estimate of the amount, distribution and use of water in the northern Australian landscape.  

It also estimated how much land may be available for further development, given the constraints of available water.

The Review is different to the Northern Australia Sustainable Yields report (NASY). The NASY report concentrated on water—its quantity, timing, location and availability.

This review combined the findings from the NASY report with an analysis of how water in the north is currently used to support communities, business and the environment. 

It then examined a range of options for use of land and water in northern Australia (developments) and the likely consequences of those uses, for communities, business and the environment.

The Review detailed the key limitations and enablers required for future development in the north, including environmental, social, economic and governance considerations.

The Review does not provide sustainable development ‘solutions’ for northern Australia. The role of the review was to provide data and insights so that others might apply their values to the problems and opportunities of sustainability. It does recommend processes to ensure that developments are designed and selected to proceed with sustainability and equity.

Science Review 2009 report and summary

The summary document (60 pages) provides a 2 page summary of each chapter, highlighting the key findings.

The full report (1,100 pages) provides comprehensive analyses of issues covered in the report.

The reports and summaries are available for download at the Northern Australia Land and Water Taskforce site .

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