The OzNome Initiative seeks to embrace the information age, big data and digital technology to deliver a more connected Australia and an innovation boost to enhance national productivity.

[Satellite image appears of the sun and the earth and then red lines are shown circling the earth and a series of dots appear]

Narrator: We live in the dawn of the information age, an era of unprecedented change and opportunity for Australia.

[Image shows lines joining the dots together as the Earth rotates to show Australia]

At present society generates more information in 24 hours than was generated between the birth of civilisation and 2003.

[Image shows data connectivity lines and images flash through of connected devices]

In five years there will be up to eight times the number of connected devices with an exponentially growing number of possible data connections.

[Image changes and images flash through of groups of people and individuals on connected devices]

Communities and businesses already expect information to be available instantly.

[Image changes to show connectivity lines and text flashes through: Transparent, Evidence Based Decision Making]

Society is beginning to demand transparent, evidence based decision making.

[Image change to show connectivity dots, rotating, zooming in an out and morphing into shapes]

The prosperity of future economies will be underpinned by their ability to generate value from information. Right now Australia has the opportunity to capitalize on the rapidly expanding ocean of data. However, to obtain the advantage we must change the way society generates value from information and address the significant costs and challenges across the information supply chain.

[Image changes to show connectivity dots on a black background and then images flash through of a city, parliament house and a speaker talking to an audience]

This means transforming the infrastructure, institutions, policy and behaviours around sharing and use of information.

[Image changes to show coloured connectivity lines revolving and the camera zooms out and images flash through of government ministers at a table, a researcher, a group of people in an industrial shed and a family group on a picnic rug]

The expensive connections that Australia’s communities currently depend on to share information leave government, industry, research and the public largely disconnected from each other resulting in under informed decision making and higher risk.

[Image changes to show coloured connectivity lines revolving and images flash through of a group of friends, a large building, parliament house and a group of people in a meeting and text appears: Social, Institutional, Policy and Governance]

New connections are currently limited and expensive to build and maintain, making it harder to adapt to our rapidly changing world. The challenges involve delicate social, institutional, policy and governance issues as well as technology systems.

[Image changes to show coloured connectivity lines and then the camera zooms out to show text: The OzNome Initiative]

We need to address these barriers now to build a framework that will enable fast, low cost discovery, access and use of information which is why “The OzNome Initiative” was formed.

[Image changes to show coloured connectivity lines and dots moving around and then images flash through of researchers, a handshake, a planning programme diagram and a person holding up a strip and a male and a child]

“The OzNome Initiative” is a collaborative effort delivering a collective impact. Building on the work of many it will solve these challenges to build the new framework. The solutions will leverage existing technology and infrastructure investments, business models and protect the privacy and security of individuals and institutions.

[Image changes to show coloured connectivity line masses with more connectivity lines over the top of the connectivity line masses]

The future will hold greater connectivity at lower costs, enabling the creation of far greater value from information.

[Image changes to show the connectivity lines encircling the globe]

This will lay the foundations for Australia’s competitive advantage in the information age.

[Images flash through of two males talking, an ambulance sign, a male in front of a bank of computers, a bushfire and a road closed sign and text flashes through: Prepare, Respond, Faster]

Imagine being able to prepare for and respond to natural disasters faster and more effectively to reduce their impact.

[Images flash through of a coastline, a bank of computers, two scientists, a CSIRO vehicle and two males and text flashes through: Up To The Minute, Environment Reports, Make the Right Decisions, Fast]

Imagine having up to the minute information in weekly state of environment reports to make the right decisions fast.

[Images flash through of two workers, a female in front of a pallet of boxes, two people looking at a computer screen, workers in a meeting and a city and text flashes through: Leading Innovation, Use, Information, Better]

Imagine Australian businesses leading global innovation by being able to use and respond to consumer information better.

[Image changes to show connectivity lines around the world globe and then the camera zooms out to show Australia on the globe]

Imagine a world where the right information is always at hand to save more lives, boost innovation and productivity, reveal new knowledge and improve decision making.

[Music plays and CSIRO and Data 61 logos and text appears on screen: The OzNome Initiative, Discover more...,]

“The OzNome Initiative”, discover more.

The OzNome Initiative

The concept – what is OzNome?

Imagine that all of the data and information about Australia was linked and readily accessible to those with a right and and need to use it. Imagine that this information was connected seamlessly to our knowledge base as encapsulated in various predictive models. Imagine a world where fit-for-purpose information, necessary for a particular activity, regardless of the scale of that activity, is available as and when it is needed, ready for use, delivered to where it is needed, sensitive to any privacy concerns.

The OzNome Initiative proposes a 10-year research programme to undertake the work necessary to realise such a world. An initiative that, on completion in 2025, would see Australia as the first country to boast an historical, current and future digital representation of everything, and the ability to explore, update, and model this capability to improve economic, social and environmental outcomes across the country, and drive unprecedented increases in national productivity.

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