Making real progress for the planet will require a collaborative and holistic approach.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals  © United Nations

A systemic approach

As Australia's Innovation Catalyst, CSIRO turns excellent science into breakthrough solutions through deep collaborative partnerships. Working with industry, government, the research sector and communities, we are committed to making progress on the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

However, we recognise that making real progress for the planet will require a more systemic and holistic approach than tackling each of the 17 goals individually, and their 169 targets. In particular, it's critical we consider interactions among the various goals, and identify synergies and conflicts.

We're focusing our science and solutions in areas where synergies exist to achieve global outcomes at significantly lower cost through coordinated action. It also means we can identify tradeoffs to manage conflicts between goals before they become institutionalised, and deliver more efficient and effective outcomes in both lower and higher income countries.

It's clear that the global nature of the goals and the deep and profound urgency of their ambitions cannot be tackled alone, and much more needs to be done. Are you our next partner in making progress?

How does our work align with the Goals?

Everything we do at CSIRO is designed to deliver triple-bottom-line benefits to Australia: economic, environmental and social. We tackle big national challenges in partnership with government, industry, universities and the community. So it’s no surprise our work aligns very closely with the world’s biggest challenges.

The 17 SDGs cover a broad range of ways to improve our world, each with specific targets to aim for over the next 15 years to 2030. More detail on these is available on the UN’s sustainable developmentm goals website .

While the Goals are broad, the need is imperative and the potential for change high – provided we all play a role. We’re always looking for new partners to deliver on these and explore new projects.

How can we help you achieve progress against the Goals?

We work with business, government and the community to solve big challenges and deliver unique solutions by bringing together the best minds in the world.

The Sustainable Development Goals call on every business, government and citizen to form partnerships for the future of our world. Collaborating with us is a powerful way to make progress on the goals most important to you, as well as creating opportunities to increase competitiveness, reduce risk, expand markets, and develop new industries.

We are Australia’s national science agency, one of the most multi-disciplinary organisations in the world. We work to benefit our economy, environment and our community – this mission includes your business, your impact in the world, and your prosperity.

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