Together with our industry and research partners, CSIRO Chile promotes applied research partnership between Chile and Australia and creates innovative solutions for the current and future challenges in private and public sectors.

CSIRO Chile Land and Water Program

Created in 2013, the Chilean Land and Water program seeks to tackle the local challenges presented by human interactions with the environment, to support the growth of cities, industries and more resilient, productive and healthier ecosystems. The Santiago local research team works with the support of the research teams from CSIRO in Australia, who have extensive experience in water resources, ecosystems and economic and social adaptability, among others.

To date, Chile CSIRO has developed and implemented projects related to the management of water resources with a focus on identifying and developing tools to support the actors basin improve their management of water.

A key element of the project has been active and continuous participation of the actors involved, which provides legitimacy social and validates the usefulness of the project products.

Some examples:

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