HyLogger™ 3 unveiled today at U. of Chile's AMTC, technology that will improve mining productivity in Chile

The latest in advanced automated mineral characterisation technology from CSIRO just landed in Chile, providing a whole new level of research potential for CSIRO Chile researchers and local research partners, and ultimately, new commercial solutions for increasing the productivity of the mining sector.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the HyLogger 3 at AMTC  ©James Florio

Hyperspectral Logging, or HyLogging™, technology responds to the need for industry to increase the objectivity of drill core logging (the identification of key rock characteristics) and dramatically increases both the knowledge and the efficiency of geologists who identify and interpret minerals and ore system mineralogy from drilled materials.

“This research provides a real opportunity for companies to lower their risk, for example by making more profitable their investment in exploration and increase their productivity in the future, one of the key objectives of the mining industry today,” said Orlando Jimenez, Director of the CSIRO Chile Centre of Excellence.

CSIRO’s HyLogging™ Systems use reflectance spectroscopy to routinely and objectively capture detailed mineralogical information from drill core, drill chips and pulps. They allow for the semi-automated, rapid collection of high density spectral reflectance measurement and continuous high resolution colour imagery of drill core in a non-invasive, non-destructive manner, measuring the drill cores in their original trays.

The process is controlled robotically and through the largely automated TSG (The Spectral Geologist) processing and quality control software, enables the identification of a suite of minerals by their diagnostic spectral absorption features displayed in the visible and infrared regions. Furthermore, the HyLogger™ 3 also senses in the Thermal Infrared (TIR) region of the electromagnetic spectrum enabling discrimination of additional minerals such as quartz, feldspars, garnets, pyroxenes etc. 

“The HyLogger™-3 will be used in current advanced characterisation research being carried out with the Advanced Mining Technology Centre, which aims to link spectral and mineralogical data with metallurgical processing and use of big data for geoscience research,” said Dr Victor Montenegro, a CSIRO Chile Senior Researcher in this project, who recently spent two weeks at CSIRO’s North Ryde site near Sydney to learn how to operate the technology to ensure the transfer of capability.

 “This research instrument will also provide a platform for new research investigating the opportunities for spectral science in ore characterisation for mining and mineral processing and build spectral science capability within the University of Chile and within Chile more broadly” added Dr Leandro Voisin, Leader of AMTC’s Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy Group.

Also present at the ribbon cutting ceremony was Conrad Von Igel, Executive Director of CORFO Innova who remarked, “This shows how CORFO’s Program for the Attraction of Centres of Excellence has resulted in concrete access to  world class research equipment and the development of technology and innovation in key economic sectors in Chile.”

The machine that has been brought to Chile by the CSIRO Chile is the HyLogger™ 3-8, which indicates that this is the 8th (and most recent) HyLogger™- 3 produced.   The other seven machines are deployed in Australia – six in Geological surveys and the seventh at a CSIRO site in Sydney. The other HyLogging™ system currently installed outside of Australia is a HyLogger-1 system, sold and serviced by CSIRO’s commercial partner FLSmidth, to the Mexican Geological Survey. FLSmidth are both the agents for the provision of commercial HyLogging systems and services in Chile and the CSIRO’s commercialisation partner for HyLogging technology globally. 

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