Want to know what SIMA Austral is? Watch this animated video to see how aquaculture develops in Chile

SIMA Austral is a project financed by the strategy investment Fund FIE and executed by in collaboration with CSIRO.

SIMA Austral is an integrated management aquaculture, for the Chilean aquaculture. It began in 2016 with a scoping phase, and then a phase of implementation until 2018.

The Chilean Ocean presents favorable conditions for the development of extractive and productive activities. This heritage is used by individuals, local community, the national industry, and for domestic markets and exports.

That's why, to support the sustainability of aquaculture economics or anticipate the risks, we need to know our ocean; using a model of integrated science.

And what a model of integrated system? It is interrelated factors that influence aquaculture, through science, to obtain valuable information.

And, how does it work?

SIMA Austral, is a system, composed of 4 subsystems:

  • A productive one, which includes production centres of and grow-out and its microeconomics;
  • One bio-physicist, who sees the marine environment and its physical and chemical properties,
  • a social-ecological one, seeing the interaction between the environment and communities;
  •  And an Economic one, which includes macro-economic production, and dynamics of the domestic market and exports.

For example, using SIMA-Austral, you can simulate the passive spread of pathogens, such as in the inland sea of Chiloé Caligus. With SIMA Austral you can see how this pathogen spreads in space and time, as well as seen his evolution from the infectious to a non-infectious state, and also identifies its dispersion and impact areas. 

Then, SIMA Austral is a project developed with contributions from the investment strategy Fund of the Chilean Ministry of Economy, collects the model designed by CSIRO, and thus: integrates information obtained from data of Sernapesca, universities and other agencies to provide strategic marine information, contextual intelligence and at times quasi-real, medium and long term.

And who is it addressed?

The aquaculture industry executives and decision makers, to ensure sustainable use of this heritage. This is why SERNAPESCA has invited all aquaculture industry stakeholders to bring together a long term view to the needs and potentialities of our sea

SIMA Austral :  SIMA Austral is the integrated management aquaculture project funded by the FIE and executed by Sernapesca and CSIRO Chile. A fun explanation of it can be found on this video.

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