Together with our industry and research partners, CSIRO Chile promotes applied research partnership between Chile and Australia and creates innovative solutions for the current and future challenges in private and public sectors.

CSIRO Chile Oceans and Atmosphere Program

Created in 2016, the Oceans and Atmosphere Program aims to develop oceanic processes and analysis, integrated assessment and management of renewable marine resources and the territory. This program works collaboratively with CSIRO researchers in Australia, alongside their laboratories and technological infrastructure, to bring a world class applied research successfully.

To date, CSIRO Chile has developed and implemented projects related to the management of marine resources with an integrated and eco- systemic approach, developing tools that could help the various actors to improve their use of the marine resources, and their interest in the sustainable development of those marine and coastal resources.

Some examples:

  • Development of an integrated system of health and environmental management of aquaculture with eco systemic approach: SIMA Austral Project.
  • Development of a prototype system of early warning of the proliferation of algae in the southern regions of Chile.

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