National Survey of Perceptions Towards Mining Launch

We present this new CSIRO report that examines the relationship between Mining and Society.

Chilean attitudes towards mining - Citizen survey results 2014

Three men and a woman in the presentation of this report CSIRO Mining Minister

Launch of this CSIRO Report with Minister of Mining

Objetives of the Seminar

  • Go beyond basic descriptive accounts of attitudes towards extractive industries to examine the relationship between mining and society in a more constructive and sophisticated way, eg deepening perceptions of procedural and distributive fairness with regard to mineral development and trust in institutions and a variety of actors in the extractive industries;
  • Explore what factors influence trust in the extractive industries and the government regarding the development of mining, for example, the relationship between good governance and social acceptance of the extractive industries, and identify key issues for the extractive industries and related stakeholders to facilitate a productive dialogue;
  • Make comparisons between mining and non-mining regions in Chile and between Chile and other mining countries that have conducted this national survey, including Australia, China and Zambia.

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