The CWSLab is a virtual laboratory that provides an integrated platform of tools and resources to assist scientific collaboration and information-sharing in Australian climate and weather research.

The challenge

Climate science requires data from a range of sources

Due to the complex nature of the climate system, climate and weather researchers work across a range of scientific fields, time frames and locations. Accessing data for studies on weather prediction, extreme events, atmosphere–ocean–land–ice interactions, climate variability and change, greenhouse gases, water cycles and carbon cycles can be difficult and time consuming.

Our response

Access to tools and data

We worked with the Bureau of Meteorology and National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) to develop a virtual laboratory for Australian researchers with an interest in climate and weather related studies.

The CWSLab interface.

Through the CWSLab Australian researchers can access:

  • climate and weather modelling software products
  • an extensive data library
  • new research, analysis and visualisation tools
  • a platform for sharing experiments and results across the research community.

From high-resolution simulations of complex weather phenomena to climate change projections for long-term planning, the CWSLab offers researchers a range of services:

  • ACCESS climate and weather simulation
  • a data library for accessing Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP) data and other data collections
  • integration with NCI’s high-performance computational infrastructure
  • model analysis and visualisation tools.

The CWSLab is one of the 11 virtual laboratories in Australia funded by the National eResearch Collaboration Tools and Resources (NeCTAR). NeCTAR provides Australian researchers with access to instruments, data, tools, computation and storage that support collaborative research outcomes.

CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology co-contribute to the investment in the CWSLab and NCI contributes by making available their high-performance computing infrastructure. The ARC Centre of Excellence is one of the main stakeholders.

The results

Smarter climate and weather science

The CWSLab's supported and managed research environment with standardised and streamlined scientific workflows, improve the traceability and reproducibility of experiments. This makes it quicker for new scientists to get started, and easier to collaborate with others.

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