We are collaborating on a series of projects that will see the development of methods and guidelines for offshore carbon capture and storage (CCS) monitoring, using world-class research technologies.

The challenge

Exploring CCS technologies in Australia

A range of solutions will be required to reach globally agreed emissions reductions targets for carbon dioxide (CO2). Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is part of the suite of technologies that will contribute to lowering atmospheric emissions of CO2 from Australia's energy system. There are a wide variety of technologies at various stages of technical and commercial readiness, with more development underway for cost effective CO2 capture and storage.

Our response

Extensive testing and monitoring

Our research will provide new knowledge to inform cost-efficient measurement, monitoring and verification (MMV) of the environment of CCS projects in coastal waters.

The Moorings Array is a state-of-the-art piece of technology for marine monitoring.

To do this, our team will procure, test and implement advanced research technologies and methods for subsea CO2 storage monitoring in the marine environment. This includes bringing together advances in sensor technology, autonomous and remote vehicles and state-of-the-art networked solutions. We will also acquire next-generation marine moorings, seabed landers and unmanned surface vehicles equipped with CO2 and bubble sensing technology.

Research will be undertaken to gain knowledge about the Victorian Gippsland coastal marine environment through our involvement with the GipNet research initiative.

GipNet, managed by CO2CRC, is supported with funding from ANLEC and the Australian Governments Education Investment Fund and involves research that is testing and validating equipment that could be used by CarbonNet or international CCS projects. Our measurement and modelling capability of CO2 behaviour in marine environments will inform future monitoring needs and frameworks for demonstration and industrial scale deployment of CO2 storage.

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