Our eResearch services team provides high performance computing infrastructure and technical support for a range of scientific disciplines to all of CSIRO’s researchers. We facilitate collaboration with researchers in Australia and internationally.

Advanced computing infrastructure

We provide infrastructure and services including leading-edge high performance data processing tools, platforms and storage systems.

The Bragg Graphic Processing Unit Cluster is a high performance computing platform available at CSIRO.

We have a range of high performance computing (HPC) systems and architectures. A number of these systems are in the Top 500 list. We also support an advanced HPC research cloud.

Our eResearch services

We provide services in:

  • advanced visualisation
  • research data services
  • data processing
  • scientific application support
  • scientific workflow
  • data storage. 

Our eResearch capability

Our team of specialists have a broad range of skills including HPC software development, application tuning and benchmarking, scientific data management, modelling and animation.

The eResearch services team manages over 30 petabytes of data at a compounded annual growth rate of 75 per cent.

View a sample of our animation and visualisation work [MP4 · 674mb].

Two people looking at visualation tool called CAVE2

Kristina Johnson (right) from CSIRO and Jonathan Khoo from Monash University view a CSIRO animation on a visualisation platform called the CAVE2 Hybrid Reality Environment.

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Contact us via email with details of your computing needs for access to our computing cluster facilities, CSIRO Research Cloud, data and visualisation services.

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