Celebrating a centenary of innovation

2016 marks 100 years since the establishment of the Advisory Council of Science and Industry, a precursor to CSIRO. This year CSIRO is celebrating a century of Australian innovations that have had a profound impact on our industries, society and environment.

Discover our history by exploring some of our key milestones over the last century.

The new 2016 CSIRO t-shirt!

Join us in celebrating 100 years of innovation with your very own CSIRO t-shirt.

100 objects that changed the world

The National Museum of Australia will be hosting an extraordinary exhibition that has collated the 100 most influential objects of all time – and CSIRO’s wireless lan testbed (the tech behind WiFi) will be Australia’s addition.

100 women for 100 years

It’s not always about achievements; sometimes it’s just about people. We profiled 100 of our women for International Women’s Day to shine a light on the people that make us proud.

Parkes telescope at night

Our History

Discover more about our origins and history

CSIRO was the first Australian organisation to use the internet.

Woman spraying her daughter with Aerogard, an insect repellant

With over 1854 patents CSIRO is Australia’s largest patent holder.

Man standing in from of the first computer at CSIRO

In 2014 CSIRO helped save a man’s leg by 3D printing a titanium heel bone.

Man with a blue butterfly

Which was invented first?

Choose between innovations in astronomy, info technology, energy and health.

CSIRO invented the world’s best wireless technology for our homes and offices, known as WiFi.

Each year our CSIRO scientists inspire students across the country by taking their real science experience to the classroom, with our Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools program.

Printable solar cells

About us

At CSIRO, we do the extraordinary every day. We innovate for tomorrow and help improve today - for our customers, all Australians and the world.

We imagine. We collaborate. We innovate.

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