We bring together science, technology and economics to help you develop transformative strategies that tackle your biggest challenges.

As the strategic advisory arm of Australia's national science agency, CSIRO Futures is uniquely positioned to transform complexity into clarity, uncertainty into opportunity, insights into action.

The power of science, technology and economics

We work with forward thinking clients to address challenging strategic and technical problems in new ways.

Our work spans thought leadership and strategy development, tailored economic analysis and exploring technology solutions for your business.

We have helped participants successfully enter new industries and developed innovation pathways for leading businesses operating in mature markets.

What really sets us apart is that we work closely with CSIRO's 5,000 experts, giving you access to cutting-edge science in a streamlined, efficient manner.

[Narrator] Innovation can drive competitiveness and create entirely new industries. And the way we use science and technology are all being reimagined and transformed. But identifying these opportunities is challenging. Work with CSIRO's strategic advisory services to uncover growth markets and opportunities, develop strategies to harness these opportunities, and prioritise science and technology investments to give you an edge. Our strategic and economic analysis, as well as access to world-leading science will set you apart so you can navigate the present and prepare for the future. Partner with CSIRO, Australia's national science agency and innovation catalyst. Together, we can transform tomorrow.

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Our latest insights and reports

Economic outlook

Stay up-to-date on the latest economic news

Our economic insights can help industry, government, and researchers keep up-to-date on the latest economic news and how it relates to developments in science and technology. The economic outlook reports describe the current macroeconomic environment, provide snapshots of key Australian industries, and discuss the implications of future science and technology innovation in Australia.

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Our expertise in action

Industry Strategy

Thought leadership or strategy development to enable growth in an existing or emerging industry by identifying key opportunities and their commercial, social, regulatory and research and development enablers.

National Hydrogen Roadmap case study

Medical Technologies & Pharmaceuticals Roadmap case study

Economic Analysis

Economic analysis to inform growth and technology investments by considering market opportunity size, economic impact and techno-economic cost analysis.

Growth Opportunities for Food and Agribusiness case study

WA Government case study

Technology Scans

Technology strategy and analysis to address key business and innovation challenges by assessing technology options and risks, technology and commercial readiness, capability and technology and research hurdles.

Aerospace case study

Hydrogen Research Development & Demonstration case study

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