From automatic tea dunking devices to anti-sweat suits, we’ve heard it all.

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Not sure if your ideas are any good? We’ve put together a little list of what’s hot and not to help you out.


The Tea-jiggler

Sick of manually dunking your teabag like a sucker? Well suck no more with the bonafide, genuine, electrofied TEA-JIGGLER! Watch with amazement as your teabag is perfectly jiggled at the push of a button.

LaTEAs and gentlemen, the future is here.


Gluten-free beer

Here’s something to raise your glass to: a little home-brewed Aussie ingenuity is seeing our special Kebari™ barley being used to make the world’s first commercially produced, full-flavoured, barley-based, gluten-free beer.

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The Propper-Chopper

The Proper-Chopper marks a breakthrough in the home cooking game. Cuts through carrots, beans, fingers, cucumbers and almost every other legume using powerful compressed air!

Not suitable for children or small hands.


Lab on a glove

We’d prefer you keep all your fingers attached so you can use our lab on a glove: a wearable device that scans for toxic chemicals simply by swiping.

Interested? Apply for a scholarship with our Manufacturing team.


The Anti-Sweat Suit

Can’t afford to cool the whole house? Well strap into one of the coolest suits you will ever own. The Anti-Sweat Suit. Hooks up to any conventional freezer thanks to the miracle of duct tape.

Takes 60-90 minutes to begin to cool.


Energy efficient buildings

You don’t have to spend a fortune to keep cool if you’re using our BuildingIQ technology. It improves energy efficiency and so reduces costs.

Help improve the way we live by applying for a scholarship with our Energy team.

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