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Collaborate with us to increase competitiveness, reduce risk, expand markets, and develop new industries.

We are Australia’s national science agency, one of the most multi-disciplinary organisations in the world. We work to benefit our economy, environment and our community – this mission includes your business; your impact in the world and your prosperity.

How can we help you take on the world?

Access world-leading R&D capability

We don’t just talk the talk – our 5000 experts experiment, research, create, build and solve – and we’re ranked in the top 1 per cent globally in 15 of 22 research fields.

When you work with CSIRO you will access the world’s best and brightest minds to help solve your business’ unique challenges. 

10 ways we can help

Harness tech and innovation

Our new tech and emerging solutions can give your business the cutting edge to help you grow and compete. Our R&D can be adapted to best suit your needs.

Access world-leading R&D

Whether you need R&D to meet a specific challenge or you desire a long-term strategic research alliance like GE, Boeing and Orica have – we can meet your needs through collaborative or contract R&D projects.

Create IP and license tech

We create IP for our industry partners. Check out our many active opportunities or engage us if you need assistance to develop your own.

Enter new markets

We can help you expand or diversify domestically and globally. Whether you’re looking to enter new markets or deepen a presence into existing ones, we can better connect you or, develop or enhance your R&D, like we did for Medical Developments International.

Prepare for the future

Capitalise on future opportunities or prepare for potential threats. Our CSIRO Futures business works with industry to create strategies for sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

Achieve a deeper presence

We can work with you to design and deliver tailored R&D or social programs across STEM education, environment and community. Take a look at our Indigenous STEM education program for BHP.

Hire world-leading facilities and tech

We have invested in Australia’s best R&D infrastructure so you don’t have to. You can hire or leverage world-leading testing and technology laboratories and facilities, and the experts to run them.

Employ an expert in your business

We can place a researcher into your business to help overcome technical challenges, streamline production and develop innovative solutions.

Access grants and funding

We can help you access Australian Government R&D programs and industry grants to complement your R&D expenditure.

Get connected

Find out the latest in research and innovation and meet the leaders in your field through our newsletters, workshops and industry conferences.

We work with 3000+ partners from around the world


Because together we can do great things

  • Work with the leader in innovation – we are the largest, most trusted science and technology brand in Australia
  • Leverage national strengths – our science aligns with Australia’s key areas of competitive advantage
  • Access a powerful knowledge network – our knowledge of sectors, industries and stakeholders is second to none and we pride ourselves on developing long-lasting relationships
  • Manage complexity – we understand  the salient issues in complex multi-stakeholder challenges and how to effectively manage these
  • Achieve real impact – we take a teamwork approach where  our focus is not science for its own sake, but for the impact it has on Australia
  • Do good for Australia – all of our science is focussed on benefiting Australia, either locally, regionally or globally.

What our partners say

"Together we will continue to deliver affordable, technologically advanced products and services that give our customers a competitive edge" – Boeing leader for enterprise Supplier Management Kent Fisher



CSIRO is one of the largest mineral research groups in the world, with more than 40 years' experience in delivering innovation and solutions across the mineral resources value chain.

Recent successes include developing technology with our industry partners that can:

With experts across major industrial sectors, as well as economy, social and environment - we can help you meet your goals. Our team includes experts in exploration geoscience, resource engineering and characterisation, on-line analysis and control, data analytics and process science and engineering.

More about our work with Minerals

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