Why quantum?

Without quantum physics, there would be no internet, computers, or magnetic resonance imaging. Now, scientists and engineers can unlock unprecedented capabilities to isolate, control and sense individual quantum particles (such as electrons and photons) like never before.

Commercialising these technologies will create a new high growth industry with the potential to create economic growth and jobs across a range of sectors.

The Growing Australia's Quantum Technology Industry report outlines the opportunities that a thriving quantum technology sector can unlock for Australia.

Read the report [pdf · 4mb]

Revolutionary applications


Large-scale quantum computers could simulate complex molecules and accelerate drug discovery.


Quantum sensors can measure the magnetic and gravitational characteristics of mineral resources deep underground, leading to new ore deposit discoveries.


Laser based quantum communications systems could enable faster and more secure data transfer with satellites.


Quantum sensing and timing systems could underpin precision positioning and navigation applications in challenging environments.

Positioning Australia for a four billion-dollar opportunity

Commercialising quantum technologies could create an $86 billion global industry by 2040. Australia has world-class quantum research capabilities and an emerging quantum technology industry underpinned by the expertise and IP developed in its research institutions.

Australia can play a valuable role in this global industry but as its global peers invest heavily in their own quantum ecosystems, it will need to act quickly to remain a key player in this global opportunity.

With the right support, CSIRO envisions that by 2040 Australia will maintain its globally competitive strengths in quantum technology R&D and develop a thriving quantum technology industry.

Enabling industry growth

Realising these opportunities will require sustained effort from all stakeholders to grow Australia’s quantum technology industry. Australia must consider how it can:

  • focus and coordinate its quantum industry development efforts
  • build its quantum workforce and infrastructure capability
  • support productive collaboration with local and international partners
  • enhance the readiness of governments, society and end-users for next generation quantum technologies.

Find out more

Download the report

This Roadmap seeks to start a conversation between government, researchers and industry on the benefits of quantum technology to Australian industry, and the long-term economic value that can be created by growing a thriving domestic quantum industry.

The report was launched at a webinar which brought together expert guests from across the quantum ecosystem.
Watch the webinar recording.

Read the report to discover the opportunities that quantum technology can unlock for Australia:

Executive Summary [pdf · 1mb]

Executive Summary [html · 1mb]

Full report [pdf · 4mb]

Full report [html · 1mb]

The discussion paper informing the Roadmap’s development is also available.
Discussion paper (November 2019) [pdf · 6mb]

The Roadmap was prepared by CSIRO Futures, under the direction of CSIRO’s Chief Scientist, Dr Cathy Foley.

Do business with CSIRO

CSIRO stands ready to support Australia’s quantum ecosystem to realise the significant opportunities that quantum technology presents. We partner with small and large companies, government and industry in Australia and around the world.

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