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What is CyberTaipan?

This program has been running successfully for 13 years and has already expanded into Canada as CyberTitan, the UK as CyberCenturion and Saudi Arabia as CyberArabia.

Throughout the competition rounds, teams of students are provided with a set of virtual images that represent different operating systems. Over a four-hour period, each team receives points for finding and fixing cyber security vulnerabilities, strengthening systems, and maintaining critical services. Teams compete for a chance to represent their school or community group in the CyberTaipan National Final.

CyberTaipan is open to high school-aged students with an interest in — or willingness to learn about — cyber security, defensive countermeasures and securing virtual networks.


I think it's really important that 
education links with industry

Cyber security is essential

The CyberTaipan challenge, it's 
really simulated to

what I would imagine would be in a workplace

and we have forensic 
questions here and we use these

we solved them to get a scoring and then we're ranked out 
of the country

The CyberTaipan competition is that first level exposure

this is the foothold 
that gives these Cadets their foot in the water to go

is this something that I can continue 
with into the future is this a flavour for me

I've been involved in CyberTaipan since 

So at that time it's the first time we joined CyberTaipan and finally we come

up with three teams to join the CyberTaipan 2022 and one team go to the Grand Finals

We've just finished round one and

now we're practicing for the training images of round two


Having a competition like CyberTaipan and the depth of knowledge that it directs the

kids to know and not only that it pushes them towards working as a team giving them a

time frame to do it that's real life stuff.

right now we are participating in round 
two of CyberTaipan it's gonna be very fun  

there's four Cadets who are participating in 
the competition itself and they are working in  

two separate teams on the two different 
aspects of it you're here to work in a  

team you're here to find a passion 
in cyber security you're just here  

to have fun honestly just the mateship 
and working together in an environment

I think it's a good opportunity to experience and 
it's something new and something I wanted to try

I think CyberTaipan is a really great 
opportunity for high school age students  

because there's really nothing like it in the past 
few years we've seen cyber security go from zero  

to hero and it's a growing field and I think it's 
something that's really important for the future

I think that it's important for all kids 
to learn cyber security skills

they need to be resilient they need to learn to work 
as a team to deal with this very difficult  

task I think it's a very good experience 
for them

It's a very easy competition to get into definitely get to reap the benefits

now in the competition and into later life

if you like a good challenge I would 
definitely recommend CyberTaipan to you.

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Why is CyberTaipan important?

CyberTaipan is based on a proven framework for educating and inspiring high school students towards further education and careers in cyber security and other STEM subjects. CyberTaipan forms the Australian arm of a growing global Youth Cyber Defence Challenge Network that started in the United States as CyberPatriot and has since expanded to the United Kingdom, Canada and Saudi Arabia.

Impact reports from the CyberPatriot program (US) confirm that participants are far more likely to:

  • pursue STEM education after high school
  • pursue 4-year higher education
  • consider careers in cyber security and the technical workforce.

CyberTaipan is an Australian cyber security competition that is modelled on the US Air Force Association’s CyberPatriot program.

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