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The procedure for you to obtain a copy of the proposal to send to CSIRO for the mission alignment check requires the U.S. PI to build the proposal in or, print out the proposal, and email to by 1st September 2022.

To enter the Australian researchers as Senior Personnel in the application, they will need to be registered in the NSF system. To do that, their institution needs to have a Unique Entity Identifier (UEI --- see

If your institute does not have a UEI, please make sure to get one, and get the Australian researchers registered with NSF as investigators well in advance of the October 17 NSF submission deadline.

Proposals will not be accepted after the submission date because of a missing UEI.

Unique Entity Identifier (UEI)

If the Australian investigators’ institution does not have a UEI, the US PI will need to do the following for the September 1 submission to CSIRO:

  1. The U.S. lead should enter the proposal (without the Australian team listed as Senior Personnel) and save a copy as a pdf.
  2. Create a document listing each Australian investigator that will be included as senior personnel in the final proposal --- one name, position, and institution per line. Save the document to a pdf.
  3. Have each member of the Australian team that will be included as senior personnel in the final proposal create an NSF bio-sketch, using your own bio-sketch as a guide. Save each as a pdf.
  4. Append the list of Senior Personnel and the collection of Australian investigator bio-sketches to the saved pdf copy of your proposal, and send the completed bundle to

Be sure to obtain a UEI for the Australian institute, and get the Australian investigators registered in the NSF system in advance of the October 17 NSF submission.

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