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CSIRO's Strategic Insights team has deep expertise and experience in developing and applying strategic foresight approaches, including megatrends, to inform long-term strategic decision-making in Australian public and private sector organisations.

We offer Facilitated Megatrends Strategy Workshops to help leaders leverage the rich strategic foresight research conducted by CSIRO and apply it explore the specific trends, challenges, opportunities and priority actions on the horizon for their organisation.

These workshops can be delivered in person or online. This document provides an overview of CSIRO's megatrends research, the proposed workshop format, delivery staff, fees and other matters, noting these workshops can be customised to suit your individual organisational needs.

CSIRO's Megatrends research

Since 2010, CSIRO has been conducting strategic foresight research for a broad cross-section of public and private sector organisations in Australia.

Through this work began with CSIRO’s seminal global megatrends analysis, Our Future World, we have developed a methodology for megatrends analysis which can be used to identify national or global-level patterns of change, as well as industry-specific trends and drivers.

Megatrends are trajectories of change occurring at the intersection of numerous geological, economic, environmental and social trends and drivers. We use the megatrends concept to structure and communicate a narrative about the future.

CSIRO's megatrends research and published reports cover a diverse range of topics, including the future of work and employment, agriculture, energy, transport, trade, emerging technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence, and the public service.

Hundreds of Australian companies, industry associations, professional bodies, government agencies and community organisations have used our megatrends research to inform their strategic decision making. We are routinely invited to present and discuss our megatrends work to inform organisational strategy.

Standard workshop format

The standard delivery format for the Facilitated Megatrends Strategy Workshops run for a 2-hour duration, including a mixture of insightful presentations and facilitated small-group and large-group discussions. The proposed running of the workshop is as follows:

  • A 40-minute presentation drawing on CSIRO’s our latest set of megatrends materials, including a summary of our strategic foresight methodology, a description of the emerging megatrends and a digestible summary of the data, trends and insights that sit underneath each megatrend.
  • Q&A session, inviting the audience to ask questions around the proposed megatrends to gain a richer understanding of the megatrends and what they mean for the future.
  • A facilitated small-group activity, which provides participants with the opportunity to explore what the megatrends mean for their organisation, industry, community or sectoral interest. This activity will cover the implications arising from the megatrends and potential strategic responses.
  • A plenary session where each group has the opportunity to share the outputs of their small-group discussion with the larger group. This activity provides the opportunity to hear a diverse range of ideas and identify areas of convergence in thinking.

We are very happy to negotiate changes to our standard delivery formats, noting that changes may incur additional budget or timeline considerations. Unless otherwise agreed, these sessions will be delivered in person where possible, but where a physical presence is not feasible, we will deliver the session using telepresence systems (e.g. MS Teams and WebEx and virtual whiteboard tools, like Miro).

We are happy to work with the software preferences of our client organisations to explore other options, where desired.

Presenters and discussion facilitators  

Dr Stefan Hajkowicz

Dr Stefan Hajkowicz, Principal Research Scientist

Dr Stefan Hajkowicz helps organisations explore plausible futures and make wise policy and strategy decisions.

He has expertise in strategic foresight, geography, economics and decision theory. Over the past 20 years, Stefan has delivered over 100 research, consulting and advisory projects to government, industry and community clients in Australia and internationally.

Today Stefan is one of Australia’s most heavily sought-after speakers, advisers and researchers on strategic foresight and future trends. He is widely published in the international peer-reviewed research literature with 4,900 citations and a h-index of 34 (Google Scholar).

He holds a PhD in geography from the University of Queensland and a Graduate Diploma in Economics from the University of New England.

Dr Claire Naughtin

Dr Claire Naughtin, Senior Research Consultant

Dr Claire Naughtin specialises in strategic foresight and has delivered a number of advisory projects on the future of transport, employment, youth mental health and wellbeing, industry growth opportunities and intellectual property.

Claire recently led the delivery of the New Smarts report for DES and manages the portfolio of projects delivered under the Q-Foresight program.

Claire also has a PhD from the University of Queensland and expertise in various aspects of psychology, neuroscience and human factors.

Claire is passionate about bridging the gap between research and real-world application, and using data to help decision makers make informed, evidence-based choices.

Speaking and facilitation fees and travel costs

The standard fee payable to CSIRO for this workshop is $12,900 + GST based on CSIRO's existing megatrends for all major Australian industry sectors and policy spheres.

For venues less than 3-hour drive-time from the Brisbane central business district, there is no travel cost. For events further away we charge travel costs, which can be included in the total workshop fee or invoiced separately.

If we're invoicing for travel costs we'll let you know the cost before you agree to proceed. Travel costs include transportation, meals and accommodation.

For flights of under four hours duration we fly economy class on fully flexible fares. For longer flights, we require business class travel. Unless otherwise agreed, customers will supply all materials, venue hire and catering for the workshop.

Tailored and bespoke megatrends workshops

Please note that for our standard package and fees we use only our pre-existing presentation materials (PowerPoint slides) on megatrends for Australia with minor edits/changes to highlight trends/information we think will be of most interest to your organisation.

Our existing material is designed to be of relevance to all industry sectors and all public policy spheres. If you would like a tailored product for your organisation involving bespoke research, analysis and staff or stakeholder consultation we're happy to negotiate a revised service, product and fee structure.

Cancellation policy

We understand that plans can change. If for any reason the workshop needs to be cancelled or postponed there is no fee.

We invoice in full after the delivery of the workshop and there is no upfront cost. We appreciate as much advanced notice as possible.

If we have incurred travel costs that cannot be refunded you will still be charged for this amount.

Next steps

If you would like to proceed, please get in touch. We can answer any questions you have and explore potential timing of the event. We typically require a minimum lead time of 4 weeks prior to any workshop session.

If both yourselves and ourselves are happy with all arrangements we will lock everything into our calendars. We will then arrange a time to meet with you to discuss the scope, format, audience and practical delivery elements associated with the session.

A copy of the workshop presentation can be provided prior to the session to distribute to participants, if desired. We will invoice in full after the event.

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