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We are delivering science and technology to enable Australia's transition to a net-zero emissions energy future.

The energy sector in Australia is undergoing a major transition. The four key components of the sector - electricity, industry, transport and exports - are evolving to enable Australia's transition to a net-zero emissions energy future.

Disruption across the sector will demand new energy science and digital technologies, with profound impacts across the economy. CSIRO plays an important role in providing advanced energy research and development to assist governments, industry and the community, in the energy transition.

Renewable and low emissions technologies

The need for renewable and low emission energy generation is expected to increase rapidly in Australia, presenting both challenges and opportunities. New technologies that facilitate the development of low emission energy sources and improve emissions reduction from existing sources are the focus of our energy research.

Our research covers:

  • next-generation solar photovoltaic and
  • concentrated solar thermal technologies,
  • hydrogen technologies for storing and transporting energy,
  • carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) to reduce emissions, and
  • technologies to create value from carbon waste streams through the synthesis of materials into new chemicals, fuels and materials.

Electricity grid and energy storage

Australia's electricity system supports our economy and lifestyle and it is changing at an unprecedented rate and scale. The transformation is driven by customers as they embrace new technologies, take control of their energy use and support action on climate change. Support for an evolving electricity grid and new energy storage solutions must therefore increase rapidly.

We are developing next generation energy storage and grid technologies, and solutions for improved energy efficiency - all to change the way we use energy in our homes, buildings and in industry. Our focus is on systems that can manage the way energy is used, transmitted and generated in order to reduce emissions, and ensure reliability and affordability.

Natural gas

Throughout the energy transition, the electricity market and industrial sectors will require the flexibility that gas can provide to ensure supply security. Gas is expected to play a critical role in the electricity market as coal fired generation is reduced, ensuring dispatchable electricity generation for system strength, frequency stabilisation and emissions reduction. Our work is helping to better understand the opportunities and risks of onshore gas as a new energy source.

Energy modelling and forecasting

Our world-leading economic models provide valuable information to industry and governments about Australia's future energy mix. These models create and assess scenarios highlighting impacts on society, the environment and the economy. CSIRO's models, tools, applications and roadmaps together provide an assessment of long-term trends, and future challenges and opportunities for decision makers in government and across the energy sector.

Energy efficiency and productivity

We are improving energy efficiency through the development of intelligent models, systems and management tools, which change the way energy is used and transmitted in homes, buildings and industry. CSIRO's research in energy efficiency informs appliance choice, changes in lighting, heating and cooling your home, and the CSIRO Energise app collects household data on real-time energy use to support this research.

We apply our energy research to inform policy, develop new industries and evolve existing sectors, ensuring success into the future. Organisations, large and small, use CSIRO's energy science and technology solutions to navigate this transition and as catalysts for growth.

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