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Held at Melbourne Park Function Centre 15-16 August 2018, the highly interactive and engaging AgCatalyst 2018 was attended by around 600 people from agribusiness, government, industry and research sectors.

There were live demonstrations, latest products and tech on display and plenty of networking opportunities.

Sessions included young CSIRO scientists pitching their research, CSIRO and partners showing how they have delivered impacted and proposals for research to address major challenges put forward by CSIRO's partner organisations.

[Music plays and images flash through of an AgCatalyst sign, people in queues inside the building, a couple of lanyards, a male putting on a lanyard, people posing for a photo, a male looking at a sign, and a female wearing a set of goggles]

[Images continue to flash through of a male watching a screen, a female on the stage displaying a piece of equipment and John Manners at the AgCatalyst event talking to the camera and text appears: John Manners, Director CSIRO Agriculture and Food]

John Manners: AgCatalyst allows the CSIRO Agriculture and Food to connect to its industry partners

[Images flash through of a female on the stage talking while a male listens, a male talking into a microphone being held by a female, and two males comparing lanyards]

much more actively and more broadly and AgCatalyst also brings all the researchers in the CSIRO in the Agriculture, Food and Food area together 

[Images flash through of two tennis players walking through the event, people at the event, and a female speaking to a group of people at the event]

and also, I think the conversation with industry and amongst ourselves will help us to find better ways of getting our products to market.

[Images move through of a 3D printer printing a gecko shape in mince, Poppy McBain talking to the camera, Poppy shaking hands with someone, and a male talking and text appears: Poppy McBain, Agersens]

Poppy McBain: The biggest difference for me being here at a CSIRO event is that we’ve got researchers asking really intelligent different questions to the ones that we normally get from producers.

[Images move through of different groups of people in conversation, and then participants seated at tables on the stage in conversations and listening]

So, it’s been a really valuable experience and certainly an interesting one for the company. 

[Image changes to show Poppy talking to the camera again in front of a full-sized model bull]

The ideas are great, but the people are exciting too.

[Images move through of people in conversation, people at the event, two males on the stage and Dan Walker talking and text appears: Dan Walker, Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research]

Dan Walker: You probably hear the background hum really from a couple of hours before the event opened, right through, 

[Images move through of a female picking up a boxed product, a chef frying food, the chef’s face, and the pasta dish he has created]

a lot of energy in the room, a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of conversation, a lot of ideas flowing and that’s a fantastic environment to be in.

[Images move through of people eating, people in conversation, a Smartphone display, a group of people posing for a photograph, Ben Mitchell talking to the camera, and a male on stage and text appears: Ben Mitchell, Nitto Denko Corporation]

Ben Mitchell: This has been amazing. This is our first time to come to AgCatalyst to present and I guess the engagement we’ve got from industry as well as internally from the CSIRO researchers and the interest that they have has been, you know, quite overwhelming for us as a brand-new company for the ag industry.

[Images move through of wine being poured and tasted]

Mirjana Prica: The vibe has been excellent. 

[Image changes to show Mirjana Prica talking to the camera and then the image changes to show different groups of people presenting products on the stage]

The intensity of the conversations is evident from the way that people are interacting, the proximity and closeness of people.

[Images move through of Alastair MacLachlan talking, bottles of fruit juice in an ice bucket, a female tasting the juice, three males around a laptop and Alastair talking and text appears: Alastair MacLachlan, Preshafood]

Alastair McLachlan: I’m here to tell our story, to help people that are visiting AgCatalyst to understand that you can actually start with a project with the CSIRO and crystallise it into a commercial reality with a commercial outcome.

[Images move through of a sign advertising broccoli latte, a person spooning powder into a cup, a male using a coffee machine, and heads of broccoli]

John Manners: I’m feeling fantastic. AgCatalyst really achieves everything that we were hoping. 

[Images move through of a female making a broccoli latte, handing the cup to a male, the male tasting it, a group of participants on stage bowing, and John talking to the camera]

It’s about breaking down barriers, conversations between science and industry, science and end users and I think all of that was achieved at this meeting.

[Music plays and the CSIRO logo and text appears: CSIRO Australia’s innovation catalyst]

AgCatalyst connects CSIRO Agriculture and Food with industry partners.

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