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We are looking for men and women located in Adelaide who are aged 18 – 50 to participate in a study to evaluate consumer perceptions of novel food products enriched with omega 3 fatty acids


Each year CSIRO perform a number of research projects involving human participants. We examine the effect of different diets on diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and bowel disease, which are leading causes of death in Australia. CSIRO Health and Biosecurity is working with collaborators and food industry partners to develop foods with substantiated nutritional and health benefits.

Omega-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3) consumption is associated with many health benefits including improved brain, heart, joint and eye health. However, less than 20% of the world’s population consume adequate amounts of these fatty acids. Individuals who don’t consume fish (major dietary omega-3 source) and particularly vegans/vegetarians are at greatest risk of omega-3 deficiency. Convenient strategies empowering consumers to increase their omega-3 intake have potential to significantly impact health outcomes.

CSIRO’s Food Program (Ag & Food Business Unit) has developed a new product using vegetables that is able to encapsulate omega-3 fats. This omega-3 encapsulated vegetable product has potential for use as an ingredient in a range of food products such as biscuits, snacks, yoghurts etc. This study aims to evaluate the sensory drivers of food product acceptance across a range of food products with vegetable-encapsulated omega-3 oils incorporated into them. The study will also identify the drivers of consumer liking for products when presented blind and will understand how these drivers of liking are affected by health-related labels such as ‘omega-3 enriched’. 

This study is funded by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science as part of the 1st Australian- Singapore Programme on “Innovations in Food for Precision Health”.

What is the aim of this study?

This research study aims to identify the influence of varying level of omega-3 and product formulation on the sensory properties of a range of test products incorporating vegetable-encapsulated omega 3 oils, the sensory drivers of product liking for such products, and evaluate how this is influenced by product health-related labels.

How will the study be carried out?

To be eligible to take part in this research, there are a few criteria you must meet. Have a look through the criteria below. If you feel this describes you, and you are keen to take part, then please complete the screening medical questionnaire and return it to us. If you are unsure or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the nutrition and health research clinic, either by phone 8305 0615 or 1800 850 036 or email and we can assist.

The study will consist of a single clinic visit, 2 hours in duration where the following activities will be performed:

  • Participants will attend the CSIRO Nutrition and Health Research Clinic, where eligibility for the study will be confirmed through height and weight assessments and subsequent BMI calculation
  • On confirmation of eligibility, informed consent will be obtained
  • Using bio-impedance scales, body composition will be measured to capture baseline characteristics of study participants
  • Participants will then complete a number of questionnaires to assess:
    • Product usage and attitude, and
    • Label fluency
  • Participants will also consume a set of six test foods where they will be asked to rank the samples for least liked to most liked

Inclusion Criteria

  1. Healthy men and women
  2. Aged 18-50 years
  3. BMI 18-27.5 kg/m2

Participate in this study

If you have any queries about this study or would like further information about participating do not hesitate to contact us, either by phone please call 8305 0615 or 1800 850 036 or email and we can assist.

If you are interested in registering to participate in this study, please complete the participate in a study form.

At the completion of the clinic visit, participants will be paid $25 (cash) and provided a printed report of their body composition.

This study has been approved by the CSIRO Health and Medical Research Human Research Ethics Committee

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