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Creating ultra-low power IoT solutions is challenging. It requires deep domain expertise across multiple fields and long development lead times. Cognitag overcomes these challenges - it’s a game changer for IoT.

Building your solution with Cognitag’s off-the-shelf Embedded Intelligence Platform (EIP) makes it 10 times faster to develop, deploy and manage IoT solutions than traditional approaches of employing firmware engineers or engineering houses.

This is made possible through the EIP’s libraries of algorithms built on the trusted Zephyr real-time operating system. Our EIP abstracts away low-level complexities and promotes code reusability. This helps developers to build and deploy diverse, ultra-low power IoT applications.

It also means:

  • fewer engineering resources and costs
  • less bugs
  • faster rollout and time to market
  • chip and device agnostic
  • lower management overheads.


EIP Embedded

Our software is built on top of the Linux Foundation Zephyr Project, which is backed by major industry players like Google, Intel, Qualcomm and Nordic Semiconductor. We provide a range of libraries and systems to make developing and configuring your applications simple. Everything from Over-The-Air updates, End-to-End Encryption, digital twins and more. Every smart-enabling IoT feature is fully optimised for ultra-low power operation, reducing size and cost, while increasing lifetime.

EIP Edge

EIP Edge rapidly links your devices to the cloud. We support many data backhaul mechanisms, including 5G LTE/NB-IoT, WiFi and LoRaWAN. Because EIP is communications agnostic, ask us about supporting your preferred backhaul.

Template smartphone apps and firmware for commercially-available edge hardware is also available to expediate your path to market.

EIP Cloud

Our cloud platform uses industry standard cloud interfaces (REST APIs) to manage and configure your devices out in the field, together with AMQPS queues for receiving real-time data streams. Streams can be easily split into fleets (e.g. to tailor to your customers’ needs) with rich data (in JSON format) readily piped into your database and dashboarding solution (we believe you should keep your data, not us!). All backed by the scale of Google Cloud Platform. 


Our EIP has been used to create next-gen smart IoT solutions for all sorts of industries and use cases – from smart ear tags for cattle, to smart pallets for logistics, smart sites, human and animal health and more.

It was built from the ground up for ultra-low power operation. This means it’s  optimised for battery-powered devices that need to operate for months or years without recharging, or indefinite operation off a tiny solar panel. It can even run devices without batteries.

Our EIP is uniquely suited for tracking devices, either outdoors with GPS or indoors through our device-to-device communications protocols. For devices that regularly go out of data range, data readings can be saved on a device and uploaded to the cloud when network connectivity is restored.

Together with our remote management capabilities, our EIP is ideal for large scale IoT solutions, where it is infeasible or impossible to regularly access devices.

Intellectual property

We hold several patents around concise object representations and dynamically running rules on embedded applications. EIP Embedded and Edge software are a combination of compiled binary and business (licensable) source code. EIP Cloud exposes APIs and data structures accessed via our Terms of Service, however the API and services implementations are proprietary trade secret code.

The team

Located in Brisbane, our experienced IoT deep tech team have worked together for over six years within the Cyber-Physical Systems group of Data61, CSIRO.  We are spinning out into Cognitag, having completed the ON Accelerate Program.

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