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CSIRO invites industry, peak bodies, government, professional and consumer and civil groups, and individuals to participate and provide comment on the content in this Discussion Paper.

The Discussion Paper will inform the development of an “Australian Food Systems Roadmap” (the Roadmap). The Roadmap is intended to help guide the sustainable transformation that is necessary across Australia’s food systems, and takes a systems lens looking at the entire food value chain and its many interacting systems.

The Roadmap will investigate and define the challenges faced by Australia’s food system within a national and global context, define a vision for the future of Australia’s food system, and explore opportunities for sustainable transformation.

The Roadmap will explore five focus areas of:

  1. enabling equitable access to healthy diets;
  2. reducing waste and improving circularity;
  3. reducing emissions across the system;
  4. improving environmental and economic resilience;
  5. improving value and productivity.

It will determine the science, technology, systems and infrastructure required to support Australian food systems to tackle challenges and seize opportunities to ultimately create a more sustainable future for Australian agriculture and food.

Discussion documents

Timeline for consultation

  • Document released for consultation on: 13 December 2022
  • Comments from interested parties received by: COB 7 February 2023
  • The final Roadmap will be published prior to July 2023

About the consultation

The purpose of this consultation is to seek stakeholder feedback on the Discussion Paper and the themes presented within it.

The Discussion Paper was prepared to help inform the development of CSIRO’s Food Systems Roadmap, and summarises CSIRO Futures’ initial consultation and desktop research into the opportunities, challenges and enabling actions related to the sustainable transformation of Australian food systems. These findings are not final, and the enabling actions proposed for discussion should not be considered recommendations. The Roadmap will help inform government, industry, research and the general public, on how the mounting pressures on Australian food systems may be addressed.

This project is being led by CSIRO Futures – the strategic and economic advisory arm of CSIRO, in close collaboration with CSIRO’s Agriculture and Food Business Unit.

The project is sponsored by CSIRO and several other organisations within the Australian food system, including: the Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry; Australian Department of Health and Aged Care; Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries; Tasmanian Department of Natural Resource and Environment; VicHealth; Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ); FoodBank Australia; the Australian Institute of Packaging; and AusTrade.


Australia’s food systems are estimated to feed over 60 million people across Australia and its various export markets in 2023. These food systems are high performing and vital to the nation’s economic and social prosperity. Australia has a strong reputation as a safe and reliable provider of high quality, natural produce and food products.

However, in a rapidly changing world, there are mounting pressures on these food systems that need to be addressed. An ever-changing climate, growing numbers of mouths to feed, increasing disruptions to food supply chains and growing nutrition-related public health issues are just some of these pressures. While the need for change is not always obvious across the food system and it would be easy for the Australian food system to become complacent, these pressures are mounting, and the food system is reaching a tipping point.

Australia has an opportunity to act now, to transform the nation’s food systems to ensure they remain world leading in terms of connectedness, innovation and technology adoption, infrastructure, and as a developer and deployer of enabling systems. Industry and governments need to work collaboratively to ensure that Australia’s food systems have a sustainable future, both environmentally and economically, while equitably supporting healthy populations. Delaying action risks these opportunities, risks the food system’s collective social impact, and will see Australia falling behind global competitors, with implications on the environment, health and livelihoods.

How to submit

Complete the online consultation submission form to upload your response.

Alternatively, you can email your submission to

Please indicate if you consent to having your organisation’s name listed in the Roadmap as having provided consultation input. 

What will happen with your submission?

All submissions will be reviewed by CSIRO Futures and will be considered in the drafting of the final Australian Food Systems Roadmap. 

Once CSIRO Futures has considered feedback from this consultation, and any subsequent consultations CSIRO Futures undertakes as a result of the feedback received, the final Roadmap will be developed. At this stage, it is anticipated that the final Roadmap will be published prior to July 2023.

The content of any submissions will remain confidential and will only be viewed by CSIRO employees in the project team under CSIRO’s Code of Conduct and research ethics procedure. The privacy of data collected using the consultation submission portal will be treated in accordance with their privacy policy. At the conclusion of the consultation period this data will be downloaded and then deleted from the platform. The project team may use contact details provided in a submission to seek clarity on a submission. Information provided in submissions will not be directly attributed to an individual or an organisation in the final Roadmap, however aggregate views may be attributed based on stakeholder characteristics.

How will your privacy be protected? 

Your personal information is protected by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). CSIRO will handle your information in accordance with this Act and the National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC) National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007, updated 2018), or as otherwise required by law.

Your personal information, including your name, contact details, your opinions and feedback provided in response to this consultation request are being collected for the purpose of conducting the Project, and related scientific research. 

You also have the option to provide your feedback in response to this consultation anonymously via the online consultation submission form.

In your response to this consultation request, please do not provide any personal information of any other individual, unless you have obtained the individual’s consent to do so. 

CSIRO will not disclose your personal information to any third-party project sponsors. Any information provided in submission will be de-identified before it is provided to the Project’s Steering Committee comprised of volunteers from selected stakeholder organisations, who will then provide additional advice on identified trends and consensus views on topics from the interviews. 

Results from the Project will be de-identified and/or aggregated and published/presented or shared in a variety of forums and with third parties. This includes a final Roadmap that will be available to the public and shown at conference presentations. With your consent, your workplace name may be included in the report as a consulted organisation. 

De-identified, non-sensitive data collected as part of the Project may be shared with other researchers for the purposes of verifying published results or advancing research on this topic.

For further information on how CSIRO handles your personal information and our access, correction and complaints process, please read our privacy policy available on our website or contact us at

Ethical clearance and contacts

This study has been approved by CSIRO’s Social Science Human Research Ethics Committee in accordance with the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007). If you have any questions concerning your participation in the study, please contact the researchers via their contact details below. Alternatively, any concerns or complaints about the conduct of this study can be raised with the Manager of Social Responsibility and Ethics on (07) 3833 5693 or by email at


Any enquiries relating to submissions should be directed to CSIRO Futures via email to:

Transforming Australian Food Systems: Discussion Paper

Complete the online consultation submission form to upload your response.

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