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ARC Training Centre for The Global Hydrogen Economy

Australian Resources Research Centre

Bulwer Island Refuelling Station

Centre for Hybrid Energy Systems - CHES

Clean Energy Innovation Hub

Crystal Brook Energy Park

Fire and Explosion Testing Services - FETS

Gladstone Advanced Biofuels Pilot Plant

Government Fleet and Refuelling Station

Hazer Group Facility

Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain - HESC

Hydrogen Park SA - HyP SA

Jemena’s Power to Gas trial

Mawson Lakes Campus

Murchison Renewable Hydrogen Project

National Hydrogen Materials Reference Facility (NHMRF)

Port Lincoln Green Hydrogen Plant

Queensland Centre for Advanced Technology (QCAT)

Redlands Research Centre

Renewable Ammonia Plant

Renewable Hydrogen and Ammonia

Renewable Hydrogen Microgrid

Sir Samuel Griffith Centre Renewable Hydrogen Microgrid

Toyota Australia Hydrogen Centre