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Issue 289: April 2022

After the floods

2022 has been wet. For some, this is an understatement, as weather systems delivered huge flood-inducing downpours along Australia's east coast. It's been reported that Sydney has already clocked up its average annual rainfall.

Why the wet weather? La Nina is a big factor, often associated with wetter years in Australia. And climate change could be contributing since we know a warmer atmosphere can hold more moisture. Understanding the role of climate change in extreme events is the study of climate change attribution, Michael Grose, CSIRO, and Pandora Hope, Bureau of Meteorology, explain.

For residents in the Bega Valley recent floods have come during a five year period of drought, bushfire and of course the pandemic. CSIRO researcher Deb O'Connell explains the major changes that need to take place to better manage compounding extreme events.

This edition of ECOS is a look at some recent research related to Australian floods. And of course, as always, we have some great pieces from across the breadth of CSIRO's environment and sustainability research. Enjoy.

Calculating the role of climate change in natural disasters

When a natural disaster occurs, scientists often get asked ‘how did climate change contribute?’. Modelling and data analysis are helping answer this, and other questions about frequency and severity of extremes.

Building resilience in the face of compounding extremes

The risk of more frequent and extreme natural hazards is rising with climate change. When these extreme events 'collide', their impacts compound—making communities more vulnerable to crises. How can we prevent potential systemic failures caused by extreme events?

Experts reflect on CSIRO’s contribution to the IPCC

With leading global climate science body, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, due to publish a synthesis of its 6th report in September, 3 CSIRO contributors to the report series reflect on CSIRO’s contribution to global climate science.

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