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Issue 2: December 2021

From the Director

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Welcome to the latest newsletter from CSIRO’s Responsible Innovation Future Science Platform (RI FSP).

In this round up from the second half of the 2021, we are excited to share with you our newest RI research projects which resulted from our first competitive call-out.

The line-up includes finding new ways to assess large scale hydrogen production as part of a responsible energy transition, tackling new challenges posed by quantum computing advances, and more.

Three years into our FSP journey, it is fantastic to see the breadth of RI research now being undertaken across CSIRO, including through our FSP. Our four new projects demonstrate how CSIRO is committed to solving the greatest challenges through innovative science and technology, and how RI is playing a role in both new and existing challenges.

We're also sharing some of our recent public engagement activities that have helped promote the visibility of RI.

On another note, I'm pleased to share that the RI FSP has refined its science strategy.  We are now developing CSIRO’s RI research and capability around three core portfolio areas:

  • RI for Emerging Digital Technologies
  • Risk Management for Environmental-Scale Interventions, and
  • Socially Responsive Genetic Technologies

These portfolio areas will be used to prioritise our ongoing investment and highlight where RI can be deployed for impact across CSIRO’s diverse science portfolio. Thinking about how science and technology is being harnessed for good was also in focus at SGInnovate’s Deep Tech Summit 2021 where I joined a panel discussion on how CSIRO and other global organisations are working to deliver responsible innovation outcomes in both public and private organisations.

Thank you for your continued support and I wish everyone a restful end-of-year break.

Dr Justine Lacey

RI FSP Director

Dive into our new projects

Quantum computing may threaten current cybersecurity systems

A team of researchers led by Dr Sushmita Ruj are actively exploring the challenges that tomorrow’s quantum technologies may pose to today's security systems.

What are the potential impacts of a national hydrogen industry?

Dr Luk Peeters is leading a group of researchers to develop an integrated framework that identifies potential social and environmental impacts of a national hydrogen industry.

Plating up: foods of the future

A team led by Dr Sinead Golley is helping to uncover what the pathway to consumer acceptance – and resistance – might look like in the face of disruptive food technologies like 3D printed foods.

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A guide to achieving responsible AI

A team led by Dr Qinghua Lu is working on an online set of guidelines to provide concrete advice for technologists for achieving responsible AI.

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