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Dear Bebras Coordinators,

We are just 6 weeks out from the start of Round 1 of the Bebras Challenge for 2023, and hope you are just as excited as we are! Coordinator registration and student upload for Round 1 is now live on the Bebras portal.

For more information on how to facilitate the Bebras Challenge, including how to upload students, please check out the Bebras Handbook and our online video tutorial. For any questions or clarifications, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at the Bebras Australia Team.

International Bebras Workshop – a professional development opportunity

Australia is just one of dozens of countries that facilitates the Bebras Challenge – in fact, over 3 million students worldwide participated in Bebras in 2022. Once a year, the delivery teams from across the International Bebras Community get together to discuss everything Bebras, including workshopping questions for next year’s challenges.

Every year, Australia submits several questions to the international community that are often seen by students and teachers who do Bebras across the globe. In the past, we have had some amazing submissions that were generated by teachers and participants within our Australian Bebras community, and we would like to extend this opportunity to you all in 2023.

This activity is fun, rewarding, and a professional development experience. It can also be a fantastic creative learning exercise for students. If you have an idea for a Bebras question that you would like to submit, or are interested in running question creation as an activity for your students, please find our downloadable question template guide on our website.

If you would like the questions you have created to be submitted to the International Bebras Community, please send through completed templates to

You can find excellent examples of previous questions by checking out our past years’ solutions guides or using our year-round Bebras365 resource.

Upcoming Professional Learning Sessions

An Educators Guide to Cybersecurity Essentials - 22 March

Register here

We extend our best wishes to everyone involved in the upcoming NAPLAN period and look forward to having your participation in Round 1 of Bebras very soon.

Kind regards,

The Bebras Australia Team