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Dear Coordinators,

The first round of the 2023 Bebras Challenge is now closed.

Results & certificates are now ready to download under 'Export Results' in your coordinator profile.

The challenge is now in review mode, so participants can log back in and retry the questions and the answer will display as right or wrong.

Over 25,000 students took part in Bebras Round 1!

We hope to see you at the Bebras Round 1 Question Review webinar on 16th June. Details can be found below.

We also cannot wait to share an exciting new opportunity for Bebras schools delivered by CSIRO Education and Outreach. Keep your eyes on your inbox for an email soon.

Kind regards,
The Bebras Australia Team

Honour Roll and Award Levels

All students who receive full marks of 135 will continue to receive an official certificate signed by CSIRO Chief Executive Dr Larry Marshall.

We will be in contact with all Honour Roll student coordinators regarding Bebras Round 1 2023 in the coming week.

Certificates automatically generated for students include their award level. You can find the award level definitions in the 'About Bebras' section of the website.

Disclaimer: Please note privacy consent forms will still be collected by Bebras coordinators however are not required to be sent through to the Bebras Australia Team.

DIY Certificates

If your students took part using a pseudonym, you can create a certificate for them using the DIY Bebras Certificate template.

Students who receive the best score for their age group in their school will also have the opportunity to receive the Best in School Certificate created and provided by teachers/coordinators.

If you wish to provide certificates without an attached grading, DIY Participation Certificates have been made available.

All certificate templates can be found under 'Downloads' in the coordinator portal.

Bebras Solutions Guide and Curriculum Alignment

The Round 1 Curriculum Alignment is already available in 'Downloads' on the portal. A Solutions Guide for Round 1 will be made available following the completion of Round 2.

Round 1 Results

Upcoming Professional Learning Session

There are exciting opportunities for students to build on computational thinking skills after the Bebras Challenge has ended. In this professional learning session, we will break down questions from Round 1 to explore different approaches used by students, what they did well, and where there could be improvement. Additionally, we will provide curriculum-linked resources to assist students in further developing their digital technology skills prior to Round 2.

Date: Thursday 16th June 2023

FREE Virtual Event

Time: 3.30pm to 4.30pm AEST

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