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Dear Educators,

Round 2 of the Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge is right around the corner! Commencing Monday next week, students can participate any time between the 21st August and the 11th of September.

To make preparation for Bebras Round 2 super easy, we've answered you're most frequently asked questions:

Round 1 transitions

Got students eager to join Round 2 after a fantastic Round 1? No sweat! Their existing logins work like a charm - no need to create new ones for Round 2.

Uploading student lists

Struggling to find time to get your student lists together? No worries! You can upload your student lists at any stage, even mid-challenge!

Upload your students list on the Bebras portal. Instructions on how to upload your students can be found in the 2023 handbook.

Round 2 Curriculum Alignment Guide

Unsure about how Bebras maps to the curriculum? We got you! Use our Round 2 Curriculum Alignment Guide to tick off those Computational Thinking Skills and Digital Technology concepts.

To access the Round 2 Curriculum Alignment Guide:

  1. Go to the Bebras portal
  2. Login as a Coordinator
  3. Go to Downloads
  4. Click on Round 2 Curriculum Alignment Guide.

For any questions or clarifications, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at the Bebras Australia Team. Contact us at or visit our website.

Kind regards,

The Bebras Australia Team