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Are you ready for Round 2 of the Bebras Challenge? Commencing our 2 week-countdown!

Bebras Round 2: 21st August – 10th September 2023

Have your students already participated in Round 1? No need to re-upload existing students for Round 2! All you need to do ahead of Round 2 is check your student list and add any new students into your spreadsheet.

Are you new to the Bebras Challenge? Register as a coordinator and begin uploading your students on the Bebras portal. Instructions on how to upload your students can be found in the 2023 handbook. Or, you can visit our quick guide on how to set up the Bebras Challenge.

What should your students be thinking about?

Enhance your preparation with our complimentary Bebras 365 training resources! Bebras 365 is a free resource with questions from past years' challenges.

Use our Bebras Unplugged Cards to unpack key computational thinking concepts for students.

For any questions or clarifications, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at the Bebras Australia Team. Contact us at or visit our website.

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The Bebras Australia Team