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Issue 281: August 2021

Food - Different by Design

Inspired by National Science Week 2021, this month we're sinking our teeth into research on the theme "Food - Different by Design". From tracking where our food comes from, to engineering solutions to problem pests; utilising land and energy for food, and keeping you safe.

Last month we covered Heal Country for NAIDOC Week and in September we will cover Biodiversity Month. Is there an area of CSIRO's research you'd like us to cover in ECOS? We'd like to hear from you.

Eating for the environment: Can changing your diet help the planet?

Research is looking into the potential for individuals to follow diets that are both sustainable and healthy, as well as exploring what challenges we face in doing that.

Digging through the weeds and finding gluten in ryegrass (sort of)

New research has found gluten-like proteins in ryegrass, which might – or might not – be a problem for people with gluten intolerance.

From fizzy drinks to fuel: how utilising CO2 can help us reduce emissions

Australia could turn carbon dioxide waste into a valuable revenue stream, according to a new report on carbon capture and utilisation.

How clean power can transform the ‘food-energy-environment trilemma’

CSIRO Land and Water Science Director Dr Paul Bertsch discusses the food-energy-water nexus, and how transitioning to clean energy will transform the way we produce food and how we think about water security.