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Issue 284: November 2021

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It's been a huge month for all things climate.

At COP26, we followed discussions on climate change, net zero and emissions reductions targets. Back on home turf, most of Australia is bracing for a storm-heavy summer season, with flooding rains — a consequence of large scale climate processes — already starting in parts of south-eastern and eastern Australia.

That's why our theme for November is Facing the future. We're looking at the role science will play in helping build resilience to future disasters. And we're speaking to our scientists who have researched the amount of mineral stocks (cobalt, lithium and nickel) critical in powering the road to net zero.

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Leader insights

Facing the future of disaster resilience

Extreme events continue to challenge Australians under a changing climate. We explore the role of science in helping build our resilience as we prepare for future disasters and improve our response and recovery.

Mining for opportunities in the energy transition

With products like electric vehicles and batteries expected to soar over the next decade, certain minerals, such as lithium, graphite, cobalt, titanium and rare earth elements, known as 'critical energy minerals' will be in high demand to power the energy transition. Our scientists examine which minerals will be needed on the road to net zero.

Under the microscope

Science for sustainability

Greening our cities

The urban greening movement is looking at ways to make our urban environment cooler, more comfortable and more socially connected.

 Are bio-derived plastics the solution to plastic pollution? 

Do you know your biodegradable from your oxo-degradable plastics? We give you the rundown on plastic packaging alternatives and their eco credentials.

Impact for industry

Decision support for sustainable fishing

An online tool called FishPath is paving the way for the sustainable management of fisheries worldwide.

One million energy rating certificates on Australian Housing Data portal

Researchers, regulators, and industry associations now have an unprecedented snapshot of the energy efficiency of the nation’s housing stock, with one million energy rating certificates from Australian homes now available on the Australian Housing Data portal.