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Issue 285 & 286: February 2022

Summer science smorgasbord

Welcome back to ECOS for 2022!

We hope you’re hungry for science news served fresh.

Underwater, we've discovered new coral seed banks, and investigated the worldwide impact of trawling. Back on land, we’ve investigated the threat of both wildfires and mosquitoes, and traced the source of the iconic Mataranka Springs. And in the agricultural space, we're digitising the food supply chain, and looking at the benefits of AI, machine learning and deep learning.

There’s certainly a lot to digest.

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Leader insights

Spreading like wildfires

The world's first United Nations global report about the rising threat of extraordinary landscape fires is out. It has shown that uncontrollable and devastating wildfires are becoming an expected part of our seasonal calendars.

Calculating the costs of net zero emissions

A new CSIRO report ‘Exploring climate risk in Australia’ asks what the financial implications might be if we delay the transition to net zero emissions.

Preventing mosquito-borne diseases

Australian summers and mosquitoes go together. But a La Niña year can increase the risk of mosquito-borne diseases.

Energy futures

Science and the environment

What's new in agricultural science?

It’s automatic: digitising food safety compliance

Australia has an enviable reputation as a world-class food producer. Digital transformation of the country’s food supply chain will enable automated compliance. It will also provide deep analytics to enhance food safety and quality.