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Issue 288: March 2022


With World Water Day falling in March, we shine a spotlight on this precious resource and the life it supports.

From waterbirds of Northern Australia to approaches to water management for healthy and productive ecosystems, this issue shows how our freshwater systems and their linkages to the ocean are crucial for future wellbeing and survival.

Food production is inextricably linked to water.

Despite recent flood conditions across eastern Australia, rainfall averages are predicted to decline in the years ahead. Adapting to drier growing conditions, researchers are turning to genetics to future-proof wheat, finding varietals that can grow deep and tap into subsurface water.

Science innovation may also help Australia become a global leader in protein supply, by expanding our protein products and markets and developing new proteins.

And in case you missed it, here's another chance to check out our special ECOS edition dedicated to our mission to end plastic waste.

Storing water for a not-so-rainy day

With La Niña conditions in Australia, it's the perfect time to be asking: how can we store water for a not-so-rainy day? One solution is managed aquifer recharge (MAR). Two exemplary MAR projects in Australia, both supported by CSIRO, have just been profiled in a new United Nations Ebook.

The future of food

Australian roadmap to serve up future protein

A new CSIRO report shows how Australia can capture an extra $13 billion by producing the world’s future protein.

Future-proofing wheat for hotter, drier climates

CSIRO scientists have identified new genetics that enable wheat varieties to tap into moisture up to two times deeper in the soil than current varieties.

In the news

Critical and rare: the minerals Australia can supply to the world

Critical and rare earth minerals will underpin the clean energy transition. Our national leaders have signalled the importance of mining and refining critical minerals in Australia. But what are these resources, and what’s at stake?

Critical minerals

In case you missed it...

Ending plastic waste

We’re on a mission to end plastic waste. We have announced a goal of an 80 per cent reduction in plastic waste entering the Australian environment by 2030 by changing the way we make, use, recycle and dispose of plastic.

Special ECOS edition