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Issue 287: March 2022

Ending plastic waste


We’re on a mission to end plastic waste.

We have announced a goal of an 80 per cent reduction in plastic waste entering the Australian environment by 2030 by changing the way we make, use, recycle and dispose of plastic.

Plastic is incredibly useful and makes our everyday lives easier. However, it can have detrimental impacts to the environment and economy. The time is now to create change. Our mission aims to eliminate plastic waste and transform it into a valuable resource to support Australia’s circular economy.

This month's ECOS is a snapshot of some of the latest research to help us reach our goal. Stay tuned for more sustainability research delivered straight to your inbox later this month.

New research

Could insect digestion solve the waste crisis?

CSIRO researchers are peering into the digestive processes of insects to see what happens when they are exposed to plastics. Do insects consume plastic or is something else going on?

Could seaweed replace plastic?

CSIRO is testing seaweed-derived polymers for use as an alternative to conventional plastics.

Creating change

Global plastic solutions

Casting a global net to solve the plastic problem

CSIRO is working with Indonesia and other regional partners where COVID has exacerbated the plastic pollution issue.