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Issue 290: May 2022

Fish tales

This month we are featuring stories about research on all things fish.

CSIRO has been conducting collaborative research to address sustainability and productivity in fisheries for over 50 years. Our science has supported important breakthroughs and discoveries for Australian and international fisheries.

The complexity and pressures facing marine ecosystems, like climate change, are highlighted here. And we share some fresh ideas about the future potential of white flesh fish aquaculture. Enjoy.

Helping fishers adapt to warming oceans

CSIRO research is helping Australian fisheries adapt to seas that are warming at a rate far greater than elsewhere around the globe.

Connectivity in scalloped hammerheads

Scalloped hammerheads occur in tropical and temperate oceans around the world, but are their populations connected? A new genetic study using whole genome methods has found out.

White flesh fish a sustainable option to strengthen Australia’s aquaculture production

You can walk into any local supermarket and buy Australian produced Atlantic salmon. But why is this not the case for white flesh fish?