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Issue 291: June 2022

Welcome to this month's round up of stories from ECOS. This month we’re examining how cutting-edge technology is helping us prepare for the future and build resilience - from strengthening supply chains to protecting biodiversity. With 2022 marking the 10-year anniversary of CSIRO's computer logistics tool TraNSIT, learn how it has contributed to more resilient supply chains in the face of extreme events. Plus, hear from our experts on what key moves are required for Australia to realise its plans to become a major hydrogen exporter. And how vast swathes of ocean observation help to power ocean forecasts. 
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Celebrating 10 years of TraNSIT – the data tool that keeps Australia moving

Mapping millions of vehicle trips across Australia’s supply chains helps growers and governments to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

A predicted ocean

Predicting the ocean requires mind-boggling technology, from salty robotic drifters and pristine supercomputers. But when it comes to the crunch, what is the first step?