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Issue 293: August 2022

Restoration through science

Welcome to the August 2022 issue of ECOS.

August is home to National Science Week, and you know we love science at CSIRO. Science provides pathways to improve the world. Many parts of the world, including Australia’s coastal ecosystems, are facing complex environmental challenges that impact lives and livelihoods. Collaboration through science provides a means for restoring landscapes and environments, which is the theme of this issue of ECOS.

This month we look at how we can achieve that, with new ways to protect the Great Barrier Reef and its catchments - from land management to crop genetics. We also discuss how water management is transforming at an unprecedented rate, irrigation strategies during drought, and carbon neutral red meat.

Thank you for your ongoing support of science, and enjoy this month's issue.

What will it take to bring Australia’s lost coastal ecosystems back from the brink?

Australia's coastal and marine ecosystems have suffered death from a thousand cuts. But scientists say it’s possible to bring them back from the brink – if we act now.

Australian red meat stakes a claim for a carbon neutral future

Australia’s red meat industry has set itself a goal to be carbon neutral by 2030. CSIRO is working with Meat & Livestock Australia on the science to support this ambition.