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Issue 296: November 2022

Agriculture has shaped our history and underpins our society. Without modern advancements, agriculture would not be able to produce enough food to feed and clothe us. However, the sector faces challenges – from climate change, to a growing global population; from biosecurity, to the need for more sustainable practices.

After a COVID-19 induced hiatus, CSIRO’s AgCatalyst event returned earlier this month to showcase ways agriculture can continue to advance well into the future. This month’s issue of ECOS looks at some of those agricultural challenges, and explores ways that science is looking to overcome them – and other problems.

A thriving future: Trends in agricultural innovation

CSIRO Agriculture and Food Director Dr Michael Robertson discusses the trends and research opportunities shaping the industry’s future.

Soil data to help sustainably grow our food into the future

Soil is at the centre of our lives – it’s keeping us alive, literally! So it’s important we look after the soil that looks after us. A big part of that is access to quality soil data. A new collaborative initiative, the Australian National Soil Information System (ANSIS), is aiming to do just that – provide online access to shared, nationally consistent soil data and information. ANSIS will give us a better understanding of our soils, enabling us to better manage them.