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Issue 297: December 2022

Carbon and energy

Welcome to ECOS, CSIRO's home of sustainability and science news.

In the final issue of ECOS for 2022, we investigate emerging climate technologies and solutions being developed at CSIRO to assist in Australia's energy transition.

Off the back of the draft 2022-23 GenCost report released last week, we explore what digital energy solutions will be needed to underpin our transition to net zero emissions.

With carbon sequestration and negative emissions technologies being considered as part of Australia's efforts to limit global warming, we bring you across the findings from a recently completed a report examining the storage capacities, removal rates, and Australia’s comparative advantages across different sequestration options.

In the race to reduce carbon emissions hydrogen energy has emerged as an important contributor. New research has uncovered what the public think about it - not just in terms of how hydrogen is used, but also perceptions around its production, storage and transport.

Plus our scientists have confirmed the presence of Fireweed, an invasive daisy species, in New Zealand. And we've collaborated with a start-up who are working to tackle the problem of textile and plastic waste by developing a novel composite material.

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H2 GO: Are Australians on board with hydrogen energy?

With the hydrogen industry still in the early stages of development, community acceptance will be crucial to whether it succeeds. A new CSIRO report examines public attitudes around not just how hydrogen is used, but also its production, storage and transport.